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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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28                        THE FATE OF MAN

war-time have become those of "peaceful" life,
which is actually the continuation of war, a war
of all against all According to this morality,
everything is permissible: man may be used in
any way desired for the attainment of inhuman
or anti-human aims. Bestialism is a denial of
the value of the human person, of every human
personality; it is a denial of all sympathy with
the fate of any man. The new humanism is
closing : this is inescapable. But if the end of
humanism be held to be the end of humanity,
this is a moral catastrophe,

We are entering an inhuman world,, a world
of inhutnanness, inhuman not merely in fact, but
in principle as well. Inhumanity has begun to
be presented as something noble, surrounded
with an aureole of heroism. Over against man
there rises a class or a race, a deified collective
or state. Modern nationalism bears marks of
bestial inhumanity* No longer is every man
held to be a man, a value, the image and likeness
of God. For often even Christianity is inter-
preted inhumanly. The " Aryan paragraph"
offered to German Christians is the project for
a new form of inhumanity in Christianity. But
this is nothing very new. Too often in the past
Christianity, that is to say Christian humanity,
has been inhuman. The old bestialism, naive,
barbarian, instinctive, was not self-conscious;